VF2014-00 Multi-Criteria Sensor

VF2014-00 Multi-Criteria Sensor


Standard Features

• 16 Programmable Modes of Operation, based upon 9 different detection factors allow extreme application flexibility
• Compatible with VF7005 Low Frequency Sounder base to provide a prioritized Temporal 3 Signal in case of Fire or Temporal 4 Signal in case of CO
• Simple and reliable device addressing method
• Automatic compensation for sensor contamination
• Built-in fire test feature
• Uses the noise immune Digital Communication Protocol (DCP), which utilizes interrupts for fast response to fires
• Dual programmable LEDs provide visual alarm / power indications
• Non-directional smoke chamber
• Pre-Alarm Function
• 10 year life span on CO sensor



The VF2014 Multi-Criteria Sensor is particularly suited for detecting smoke produced by a wide range of combustibles found in various applications. Temperature monitoring is achieved by a thermistor placed for optimum sensitivity. The sensor is also suited for detecting deadly levels of CO.
The sensors unique design allows fast response to flaming/smoldering fires and carbon monoxide levels while minimizing nuisance alarms.

Download VF2014-00 Datasheet